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Sustainability programme

The FIA Institute's Sustainability Programme is aimed at helping motor sport stakeholders worldwide to measure and enhance their environmental performance. It introduces clear and consistent environmental management into motor sport and provides stakeholders with a framework against which to accredit their activities.

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To achieve this aim, the Institute has launched a set of guidelines and documents, consisting of :

Environmental Certification – Best Practice Framework
A management tool that helps motor racing's National Sporting Authorities (ASNs), teams, circuits, manufacturers and promoters to improve their environmental performance.

Environmental Certification – Accreditation Guidelines
A document to assist stakeholders to understand the requirements involved in achieving the various accreditation levels of the Environmental Certification Framework.

Carbon Offset Initiative
A module enabling stakeholders to calculate, manage and compensate emissions and achieve carbon neutrality as part of a wider set of environmental actions.

These are based on a number of internationally recognised environmental standards and guidelines.