13.11.2012 | Medical Summit Microsite Launched

Event website for the FIA Institute Medicine in Motor Sport Summit features full programme and speaker information

The FIA Institute has launched a dedicated website for the upcoming Medicine in Motor Sport Summit, featuring the full programme for the event, biographies of all the speakers and synopses of their presentations.

The Summit, jointly hosted by the FIA and FIA Institute, is a world-leading forum that brings together motor sport professionals to discuss a range of medical and safety topics. This next event will take place in Istanbul on 3-4 December 2012 and represents the first time that it will form part of the FIA General Assembly Week.

The event will have a multi-disciplinary approach with attendance from delegates from a range of backgrounds, including physicians, engineers, technicians and researchers, who will be encouraged to interact with each other and exchange ideas.

The event will open with a welcome address from FIA President Jean Todt, followed by introductions from FIA Institute President Gérard Saillant and Cem Boneval, medical delegate for TOSFED, the Turkish National Sporting Authority. The presentation programme will start with the biennial FIA Chief Medical Officers' Seminar attended by all Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) acting in an FIA World Championship. Deputy CMOs and medical personnel are also invited to attend.

The Summit presentations will then start with a programme theme of "The Pathway of Care". Delegates will be treated to keynotes on this subject by two leading experts in the field – Dr Patrick Schamasch, Medical Director of the International Olympic Committee, and David McManus, Medical Director of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme. This will be followed by two round-table discussions on the medical implications of the pathway of care, from incident to the medical centre, focusing on key issues such as extrication and looking at the biomechanics of an accident.

On the second day of the Summit the delegates will be encouraged to be more hands-on through a series of practical exercises and interactive discussions. Delegates will be split into groups who will rotate across four workshops covering Serious Accident Scenarios, Burns and Hazards, Resuscitation, and Extrication. A meeting of the FIA Medical Commission will close the event on the afternoon of the second day.

Jean Todt said: "This event is a welcome addition to the FIA General Assembly week. We look forward to welcoming all of the medical experts from around the world and to providing them with a high-level forum for discussion and debate."

Gérard Saillant said: "Events like the Summit can help to raise the standard of motor sport medicine across the world through the sharing of best practice and new concepts. I'm looking forward to a positive exchange of ideas from medical experts across a range of sports and backgrounds."

Click here to visit the Summit microsite

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