10.10.2012 | Fund Hits a Century

National Sporting Authorities in 100 countries have now engaged with the Fund

Following the close of applications for the 2013 Motor Sport Safety Development Fund, it can be revealed that National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) in 100 countries have now engaged with the grant initiative since it began.

This figure represents 77 per cent of all FIA-affiliated motor sport countries in the world and demonstrates the increasing appetite for development at the grass roots of the sport.

FIA President Jean Todt said he was pleased to see so many FIA member clubs embracing the opportunity provided by the Fund. He said: "The benefits of the Fund should be felt in every region and especially in motor sport's developing markets. I will follow the projects that are funded in 2013 with great interest."

FIA Institute President Gérard Saillant said: "I am delighted that we have hit this landmark of 100 countries engaging with the Fund since the scheme commenced in 2008. It is a top priority for the Institute to ensure that by the time all funding has been exhausted, every ASN will have benefited in some way. We have made great progress towards achieving this goal."

ASNs that receive a grant must commit to providing co-funding and a comprehensive budget and work plan. This ensures that the resources are spent appropriately and on projects that will have a measurable impact. Although this makes for a demanding application process, it encourages ASNs to adopt good project management principles as well as fostering a commitment to follow through on these projects.

Helping ASNs with this process was a priority for the FIA Institute this year, particularly in providing those in need with the guidance and support necessary to complete the application. To further increase new applicants, a number of policies were introduced to help direct funding to those yet to receive a grant, including a threshold cap preventing ASNs that had already received €250,000 or more from applying for this round of funding.

Although this ruled out some ASNs, there was still a major increase in the total number of applicants, with 71 countries applying this year compared to 63 last year.

They include ASNs from every continent, with increases in applications from key target areas such as Eastern Europe, the Americas and Africa. Applications were also received from 30 countries that have never previously received a grant, such as ASNs in Guatemala, Rwanda, Georgia, Egypt, and Nepal.

This increase was helped by the continuation of the FIA Institute's Outreach Programme, which has grown awareness of the Fund, especially in areas that had seen little engagement with it so far. Three Outreach workshops took place across Latin America, Central Europe and Africa, with each one offering practical advice for preparation of successful grant applications. This was further helped by presentations from ASNs from each area that have already benefitted from the Fund.

This year, grants were again available for activities relating to the Officials Safety Training Programme and the Young Driver Safety Programme. In addition, the Fund is offering grants for sustainability activities for the first time.

The Institute will now review each application in detail and make recommendations to the FIA Foundation's Fund Management Committee, which will decide on grant awards in mid-December.

About the Fund

The Motor Sport Safety Development Fund was set up in 2008 to help progress and improve safety, training and education in motor sport worldwide.

The Fund's resources were donated to the FIA Foundation by the FIA as a result of the fine arising from the dispute between McLaren and Ferrari in the 2007 FIA Formula One World Championship. The FIA Institute has responsibility for managing the programmes of the Fund on behalf of the FIA Foundation.

The application process is overseen by an FIA Foundation management committee, which ultimately decides on the activities to be awarded funding.

Click on the following link for further information about the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund:


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