01.10.2012 | FIA Institute Launches Accreditation Programme for Young Driver Training

New initiative to help create more training and safety development opportunities for young drivers worldwide

The FIA Institute has launched an accreditation scheme for its Young Driver Safety Programme, enabling FIA National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) to become approved Regional Training Providers for young drivers for the first time.

The initiative forms part of the Institute's Young Driver Safety Programme, which aims to promote driver safety amongst young motor sport competitors and facilitate the development of these drivers around the world. To achieve these goals, the Institute is encouraging ASNs to achieve best practice in driver training by following new guidelines and joining its accreditation programme.

Through the publication of an updated best practice framework and the new accreditation guidelines, ASNs now have a way to benchmark themselves against the highest standards of training. ASNs that sign up to the scheme will be accredited against three levels of training standard, with those that achieve the highest standard being offered the opportunity to apply for Regional Training Provider status.

Once an ASN becomes a Regional Training Provider it can work with other ASNs around the world to help develop their young driver programmes and academies, with assistance from the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund.

The ultimate aim is for every ASN to achieve the highest standards in young driver training and safety, thereby improving the opportunities offered to young competitors worldwide.

The accreditation initiative mirrors the highly successful model currently used in the Officials Safety Training Programme and will be rolled out across all Institute education programmes.

Click here to view the Young Driver Safety Programme Best Practice Framework
Click here to view the Young Driver Safety Programme Accreditation Guidelines
Click here to download the Young Driver Safety Programme Accreditation Form

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