Medical programme

The FIA Institute's Medical Programme aims to advance the development of medical personnel in motor sport and support the introduction of new medical techniques and technologies.

To achieve these goals, the FIA Institute has established the FIA Institute Medical Advisory Panel, a network of leading medical experts involved in motor sport. The Panel works closely with the FIA Institute's other experts to develop a series of world-class educational resources and research initiatives.

The main focus of the Medical Programme is to promote best practice for medical personnel involved in all disciplines of motor sport. This will be achieved with the development of a training and education infrastructure, and will include the development of publications, a competency framework, and a 'train the trainer' programme.

One of the first publications to be released is Medicine in Motor Sport, a comprehensive guide on every major aspect of medicine in motor sport. The book, available for download (EN, ES, AR), includes detailed explanations of medical techniques specific to the motor sport environment.

Since 2013 ASNs have been able to accredit themselves to the Officials Safety Training Programme specifically to measure the medical training competencies.