Industry Liaison Group

The Industry Liaison Group (ILG) works as the interface between the FIA Institute's research and the manufacturers who put the results of that research into the market. It is therefore an essential component in bringing safety to all levels of motor sport.

The ILG works in two ways. It provides a forum for a detailed dialogue between the industry and the FIA Institute's research team, and it offers the manufacturers the chance to become partners in the FIA Institute's various projects.

This is necessary to enable the FIA Institute's working groups to maintain a dialogue with the manufacturers and deliver standards that are appropriate to the market. For instance, there is little point in inventing a new safety measure if it uses exotic materials and is very expensive to produce. The findings of the research must be cost-effective and of the right standard for the manufacturers and vendors that produce and sell the items. The ILG will help to guide those standards.

The ILG's members include the major companies involved in manufacturing safety equipment such as helmets, head restraints and safety harnesses. A further benefit of this membership is for the FIA Institute to utilise the resources of the manufacturers and vice versa.

Membership to the ILG is not just open to safety equipment manufacturers but all sectors of the motor sport industry with an interest in safety, including National Sporting Associations, motor racing teams and test houses.


-    To create the Forum of choice for detailed technical dialogue with Industry, informing the regulatory process and providing a catalyst
     for the improvement of motor sport safety standards;

-    To establish the definitive 'knowledge sharing' network for all stakeholders in the motor sport safety industry;

-    To identify and facilitate new opportunities for motor sport safety partnerships;

-    To leverage the support of industry in raising awareness of safety issues through information and promotional campaigning;

-    To encourage, reward and communicate excellence in motor sport safety.


The ILG holds around three meetings a year where members are invited to discuss current projects, areas of potential research and trends in motor sport safety. It also runs a number of workshops which offer a closer examination of individual projects.

ILG chairman Andy Mellor headed the first meeting of 2009 held in Birmingham, UK, in January. The meeting, attended by more than 25 equipment manufacturers and test centres, focused on several topics related to motor sport safety, including the delivery of FIA 8860 helmets to top-level championships, opening the market to a variety of head restraints, and delivering the recently-approved advanced racing seat to the World Rally Championship.