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The FIA Institute is an international not-for-profit organisation that develops and improves motor sport safety and sustainability. It leads projects that encourage the rapid development of new and improved safety technologies, that facilitate higher standards of education and training, and that raise awareness of safety and sustainability issues.

It also promotes excellence and achievement in all areas of motor sport. It has become an authoritative voice on safety, sustainability, innovation and excellence in motor sport, with regular news and features on these subjects published both on its website and in print.

The Institute was established in October 2004 by the FIA and the FIA Foundation and receives annual grants from the FIA Foundation to fund its activities. With this support, the Institute is committed to improving safety and sustainability in motor sport at all levels in every region across the world.


The objective of the FIA Institute is to promote improvements in motor sport safety and sustainability by:

1. Promoting research, disseminating the results of research and providing information on the best safety and environmental procedures,
practices and technologies that can be applied to motor sport in the following areas:

– Driver equipment
– Vehicle design and technology
– Emissions monitoring and control
– Circuit design, spectator protection, and infrastructure management
– Rescue and medical facilities
– Race control
– Carbon offsetting procedures
– Energy optimisation and storage
– Preservation of the natural environment

2. Supporting training of officials, circuit and race personnel in safety and environmental procedures, practices and the use of equipment.

3. Supporting the environmental education, awareness, and protection of participants, officials and members of the public at international motor sport events.

4. Monitoring motor sport trends in order to identify research and regulation priorities.

The Institute manages non-regulatory motor sport safety and sustainability activities such as multi-disciplinary research, training, education and certification.

The Institute works in close collaboration with the FIA, in particular on matters associated with the development of safety specifications for regulations, however the regulatory, homologation and enforcement processes are the exclusive responsibility of the FIA, its World Council and specialised Commissions.