Education programme

The Fund's programmes are managed by the FIA Institute, which has full responsibility for enhancing the programmes relating to young driver safety, sustainability and safety training for officials. The FIA Institute, using the resources from the Fund, is aiming to facilitate significant and sustainable development across these three key areas.

For further details on the FIA Institute's enhanced programmes, please see below.

Officials Safety Training Programme

The Officials Safety Training Programme aims to facilitate increases in competency levels of officials from around the world.

Young Driver Safety Programme

The Young Driver Safety Programme aims to promote driver safety amongst young motor sport competitors and facilitate the development of young drivers from around the world.

Sustainability Programme

The Sustainability Programme aims to promote environmental sustainability through the introduction of environmental management systems.

Facility Improvement Programme

The Facility Improvement Programme aims to improve the safety standards and the economic and environmental sustainability of motor sport facilities around the world, especially in developing motor sport regions. Programme currently under review.

Medical Programme

The FIA Institute's Medical Programme aims to advance the development of medical personnel in motor sport and support the introduction of new medical techniques and technologies.